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No matter what your personal style is - Classic, Athletic, or Street Savvy
these quality products = quality results you can apply at home in between your professional hair care appointments
to keep your hair looking its very best.

Xtra Hold Pomade
Johnny B. Xtra Hold pomade contains beeswax to give superior hold and moisture to all hair types. This oil-based pomade is ideal for flat tops, crew cuts, short fades, or a simple shoe polish finish.
Johnny B. Xtra Hold eliminates stickiness and controls cowlicks, making it ideal for humid environments.

Molding Paste
Johnny B. Molding Paste has a natural shine with heavy-duty hold to give you a clean, classy look. This water-based paste accentuates hair texture to create any edgy hairstyle for the rocker in you. Holds Any Style, Creates Definition and Accentuates Hair Texture. Water-Soluble. Holds all day but is easy to wash out. Rub between hands until warm, apply evenly to dry hair, and style as desired.

Original Pomade
This quality oil-based pomade uses snow-white petrolatum to give ultimate shine without dissolving and is ideal for buzz cuts. Made with highest quality snow-white petrolatum.. The violet color combats the yellow in gray hair! Rub between hands until warm, apply evenly to dry hair, and style as desired
Adds Shine • Easy to Wash Out • Never Sticky

Street Cream
Johnny B. Street Cream is a pliable, fibrous cream designed to add thickness and a matte finish to full heads of hair. This quality water-based pomade provides volume to texturized haircuts, especially after blow-drying. The strongest pomade in the Johnny B line, Street Cream can be applied to wet or dry hair. Rub between hands until warm, apply evenly to dry hair, and style as desired.
Fibrous Texture • Excellent for Creating Volume • Molds Any Hair

Energizing Shampoo and Body Wash
Johnny B. All Over Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and the woodsy scent invigorates body and mind! Energizing Shampoo and Body Wash, Hair Volumizer, Great Lather and Refreshing Scent Johnny B. All Over Shampoo is designed to refresh your body and hair, improving your shower experience.

Mode - Medium Hold
Mode gel gives you the control and muscle to tame difficult hair. It's high viscosity works great for medium to thick hair and is easy to rinse out. How to use:Rub between hands, apply evenly to wet or dry hair, and style as desired. For best results, blow-dry hair.
Medium Hold •Intensely Thick •Alcohol-Free Gel

Grow Shampoo
Grow Shampoo contains plant based extracts from plants like ginkgo biloba and grape seed that deeply cleanse the scalp. This shampoo is recommended for all men looking to keep hair healthy and strong. The nutrients in Johnny B. Grow Shampoo supplements healthy hair, even if you are not losing any!
Stimulates Hair Growth • Antioxidants • Fuller and Thicker Hair
Indulge your senses. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.